Sunday, October 18, 2009

Menu: The Teapot, Scandinavian Style

Menu is all over my house and I don't know why I have not mentioned this Danish-based company before! I thought the designers were all Danish, but it turns out there ia an extra couple of talented hands from Canada (Karim Rashid), France, Germany and Australia.

They develop a lot of beautiful Scandinavian pieces of such wonderful quality. I have my favorite, which is this teapot I've had since last year, but I haven't really got to use it too much.

I received the bottom base with the candle to keep the tea heated as a gift at Christmas time, and I must say it does a wicked fine job keeping it warm.

The great thing about this particular pot, is that you can choose how strong you want your tea to be, by just pulling up the top knob. When the stem comes up, there is a hinge that allows it to bend, holding the loose (or bagged, if you prefer) tea out of the water.

If there are any stores selling Menu in your area, take a look at them. You won't be disappointed by the quality of each individual product :)

I also wanted to add a picture of my little corner café area, where I have my loose tea and bagged tea in separate containers. This makes it organized, easier to browse and store, while keeping everything fresh.

Having bags everywhere can get quite messy, so this alternate route makes the kitchen a little more zen-like :)

You can find these Tupperware-type containers pretty much anywhere.


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