Saturday, October 17, 2009

Figgjo! Sale!

This weekend Figgjo was having a sale, so I tried to get some of the things we have been wanting in our collection from our last outing.

This time, I found the over-sized egg serving plates. As the sales lady showed me how they work, she took one of the egg lids and went "Surprise!". That in itself sold me last time, but as they were a little pricy, I waited it out until the sale today.

I also got me 4 more tea cups. I have two from another collection and the porcelain is so good, it keeps my tea nice and hot for quite some time :)

I love Figgjo and all of their crazy lines and pieces. They don't have too many collections, but everything pretty much compliments the others, colours aside. I also love having dinner parties with these because I get super nervous about cooking and presentation, so - at least people have things to talk about, as these make great conversation pieces!

If you're in the Stavanger area, I suggest you take a drive out to Figgjo! They are even open on Sundays (!) which is extremely rare in Norway. They also have a website with online shop here.


Mary Ann said...

LOVE the dress. you should always write where yoiu got the clothes in the photos you post, you have sweet style!

also, looks like you guys have muuuuuuch nicer weather up there in Stavengerthan we have here in Zürich.

Cait said...

You are definitely going to have the most stylish house when you finally make it over to Canadaland to stay!

Unknown said...

Oh that sounds like a great idea about letting you know what I am wearing. Well for you anyways Mary Ann! You're too sweet! :)

Our house will have (as my dad would say) "Ostrich Egg plates!" I will host lots of dinner parties with you on my guest list always, Cait! xoxo :D


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