Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Is It - Michael Jackson's Swan Song

It's bitter sweet to listen to this. Gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, of course. The lyrics are positive and he is still amazingly right in the pocket with his voice.

The song is rather rough and lacks radio potential, but to hear a song that is unreleased is still emotional to me.

If MJ was around there would be so much he would be tweaking about the track because he seemed to be a perfectionist, but in a good way - where he took pride in all of his work.

Of course, the song was originally recorded way back in 1983 - with Canadian(!) musician Paul Anka - from Ontario even. There is currently some contraversy regarding this ... and the fact that parts of the song was released by Latin artist Sa-Fire in 1991 (where Jackson and Anka have song credits).

Still - it works as a swan song.

Enjoy "This Is It" below :)


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