Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting White Film and Marks off of Hunter Boots! (Wellies) Answer is here!

It always rains here in Stavanger - on and off, like a humongous sprinkler moving back and forth. So - I wanted to bring out my fabulous Hunter boots to jump puddles on my way through town. Unfortunately the boots looked horrible - but luckily, the sun came out, so I didn't have to strut around in them in public. But - how to fix them? I've tried before, with mediocre results.

But listen - throw out the Hunter UV Tech Spray and your cleaning sponge! No - just kidding - as it's a GREAT protector for the great news I am about to tell you!

As you can see, I have tried EVERYTHING but my boots are guilty as charged for their sheer nastiness of producing this crazy white film. If you are also one of the unfortunate owners of Hunter boots or "wellies" in general that get this same problem, I am in high hopes to have saved you!

Did you know that the rubber actually sweats out a fat which causes this white film? Too bad they couldn't be alive to tell us what we should do to cure them of such a condition!

I was washing my face the other day with Olive oil. Yes, it is actually a great astringent along with Vitamin E capsules (takes off dead skin cells). I thought to get rid of oil you need MORE oil!

So, I went out and bought Olive Oil and VOILA! It worked like a charm! What you need to do is grab a cloth and lay your boots on a surface you don't mind getting a little messy. Next, take some oil and throw a generous amount on your boots and work it in circular motions. If you want to test an area, put a dab on the cloth and then rub it in. I started that way, and then I was getting into it and doused my boots in it! :)

After that was finished - I took a damp cloth of warm water and just wiped any remaining oil off the boots. Then, I rejuvenated and protected them with the UV protector spray. Back to beautiful!

Tried, Tested and True!

Hope this works for you!



Anonymous said...


I just arrived in Stavanger and of course need to buy some wellies. Do you know where I can get a pair of Hunter's?

Elle Hermansen said...

I am soooo sorry for replying to you a few months later - as I am sure you have bought your pair by now. I have set up comment emails now so this won't happen again! :)
Have you tried checking out "Cinnamon" in the city center? There is also "Kvadrat" mall carries them as well. Can't think of the name, but right beside "Dick and Daisy's" I recall.

Hope this helps :)


Mari said...


Jeg lurer på hvordan det har gått med støvlene dine nå en stund etter at du behandlet dem på denne måten? Jeg er så fortvilet over mine svarte Hunters som jeg tydeligvis ødela ved å impregnere dem med tech-sprayen. Jeg ser andre som ikke har brukt spray på sine, de har jo tipp topp støvler fortsatt! Så altså, er støvlene dine fortsatt like fine etter olje-behandlingen? Og hva slags olivenolje brukte du? (Ikke sikkert det er så nøye?)

Håper på svar, da jeg er bosatt i en annen regnfull by (Bergen), og gjerne vil gå med stolthet rundt i søledammene!! :)


Elle Hermansen said...

Hei Hei Mari!

Well, my boots are holding up great! From time to time, but not often I just make them look nice with some olive oil, but I honestly haven't had a problem since using it on them as they kept quite shiny! I honestly bought the cheapest olive oil I could find, and it works wonderful! Yes, Bergen is also quite rainy, so I feel your pain and also know how important it is to make our boots look snazzy! I hope this helps! :)


Em said...

Thank you so much for this tip! it was extreemly helpful. my wellies are now looking brand new again!

Elle said...


I am so happy this worked for you! It's scary how white and filmy these boots can actually get :)

Glad your wellies are looking brand new again!


Ana Maria said...

Hi Elle=)¨
I m Ana Maria, and Thanks for the tips! I got crazy after my hunter s boots got white spots. When I see yours in your pictures it s exacty same as mine=/
I ll try to do this as soon it s possible! but, where can I buy uv protector spray? is this from hunter s trade mark? =)

Elle said...

Hey Ana Maria!

I know exactly how you feel. I remember when my boots turned for the first time, I just cried. But, seriously the oil works so well!

I got the UV protector spray on Ebay actually. That would be my best suggestion if there isn't any stores around that carry it.

I hope your boots look brand new again!:)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so so much for posting this! I really didn't want to shell out the money for those Hunter-brand care products, and I'm so happy to hear that there's a solution right in my pantry.


Anonymous said...

Bless You!! My red Hunter's have been in the closet for over a year because I didn't want to expose their ugly, white film. 10 minutes with olive oil and they are beautiful again.

Elle said...

This is so amazing! I am so happy that this helped you with your red boots, and to the poster before - that yes - this is a cheap and very natural alternative to cleaning up our Hunters!

So happy you found this post and that it worked for you!

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

thank you! I just bought a pair of black Hunters on eBay, seeing they had white film on them but hoping there would be a way to remove it. I was so happy to find this post. thank you!

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your post. I was devastated when I saw the white film on my red glossy Hunters. I am so going to try that!

Anonymous said...

I didnt buy glossy hunters mine are the other ones, and I dont want shiny ones but I do want to get rid of the white film, if I use olive oil will it make them shiny?

Elle said...

Anonymous #1
No problem! I honestly did the olive once on my boots and that was when I made this post so long again and haven't had to turn back since! Hope they work for you and great find on Ebay!

Anonymous #2
Ohh! Red glossy hunters sound lovely! Really hope it worked out for you as well!

Anonymous #3

Hey! Mine are not glossy neither! They just looked really juicy as they were full of Olive oil! So, have no worries about that :) They will make them shiny as they are being cleaned but will go back to the matte/normal look of the rubber. Really hope this helps you as well!


Elle said...

again = ago! You know ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay, glad to know that there is an eco friendly way to clean my now icky whitish boots. I will go back to wearing them with pride.


Anonymous said...

Will it make them smell of olive oil:L

Andy said...

Hello Elle.

Thank you so much for posting this handy simple tip. At least three of our Hunter boots collection had this issue with the recent hot weather we've had in Australia, including my wife's two favorite pairs. I knew she'd be devastated next winter when she wants to wear them, so I was thrilled to find your tip and how well it works.

Thank you for helping keep our sanity with this annoying problem.

Elle said...

Hey Anonymous!

They might smell of olive oil for the first day, but I promise you won't spell it too badly - if at all. It really didn't bother me, and I hope it doesn't bother you too much! I have a very sensitive nose, so I would recall this smell lingering if it was the case. Let me know what you do! :)


Yay! This makes me so happy to read! I've honestly done this once since the problem first occurred, and I've never had to do it again to date. This makes me smile :)



Anonymous said...

You are brilliant!
I have had this problem with my boots for a long time and it has really been bugging me. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU ! I've been searching for a tip like this for weeks now, cant wait to try this :D

Meeg in Mtl, Canada said...

I just found your post. THANK YOU! I am so excited to try it out this weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Elle! Could get my Hunter back to life! But do you think the shiny will last without the UV protector spray? I am not in England anymore so it is a bit difficult for me to get this!

Anonymous said...

I tried olive oil on mine and it didn't last. Also baby oil, silicone and alcohol based spray like 409 and none of them worked. I had recently tried a 50/50 mix of vinegar and Dawn (or any dish soap works) for a shower cleaner and it left it amazingly sparkling like nothing I've ever tried...Comet, Kaboom etc. So I decided to see if it would work on my Hunter boots and voila, it is GONE!!! Maybe try the olive oil to make them shine after?

Elle said...

Oh wow! How did I miss these last few posts! Shame on me!

I apologize for the SUPER late replies but I am so happy this is helping you all!

@Meeg in Mtl - Did it end up working for you? Anyone else? How are your boots holding up? I also want to know how the last couple of anonymous' made out cleaning them with olive oil?

Personally I just had to do it the one time and voila! I haven't had to do it since!

I busted them out today for the rainy day as I wanted to splash around in some puddles ;)

So happy to read all of your comments!


Anonymous said...

I tried the Olive Oil trick. The boots looked great for about 15 minutes and are back to having the same white film on them.

Anonymous said...

Try this to remove white film:

or a wax remover (worked well for my wife)

to protect against film:

I am gonna try the olive oil to see if that makes it shiny, but I imagine there mite be something for making tires shiny that would work well too. Armor All perhaps?

Anonymous said...

This link also has some pretty good tips on how to clean rubber boots! It includes using olive oil and UV Tech spray, but there are some other things that you can try in addition. Some seemed obvious, but it didn't occur to me to try them.

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Semen Rendi said...
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