Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Number 23!

Yesterday was a great way to ring in my 23rd birthday! I got the Moods of Norway dress that I wanted, but unfortunately it was too big! They were cool enough to send me a new dress, in my size - but in a navy colour that isn't even out in stores until this fall. I have zero idea what it looks like, but I am pretty pumped to be the first to own it! :)

I had a wonderful 3-course meal at Bølgen & Moi. They were awesome in contacting us back about my gluten allergy and saying they don't use any flour in their dishes. I was super stoked to eat EVERYTHING at a restaurant for once.

We had this wonderful mussel soup (waiting to satisfy my taste buds, post-salad, right) for starters. I didn't actually eat the mussel themselves, as they remind me too much of the dancing mussels in "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (see them doing a song and dance below).

It was a nice spicy frothy soup that I could have taken in a Starbucks Venti cup to go. So good!

We also had a delicious chicken for the main dish and some cinnamon penna cotta later - with green tea of course!

The restaurant is housed in the same building as the Norwegian Oil Museum here in town. I can't wait to go back and try something new (that Caesar Salad better watch out!).

They have a great summer menu (which is what we had)! It's a another great place to have Gluten-Free dining, allowing us food-intolerant to venture off the appetizer menu once in a while. :)

Bon appétit!

Oh - I must thank my cousin Cait for the MSN birthday graffiti at the top of this post :)


A cool candid shot, while walking through the museum to get to the restaurant.


Cait said...

You're super hot, and that dress is fantastic!
Glad you had great birthday dinner!

Thanks for the mention!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the super cute "Happy Birthday!"



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