Friday, July 17, 2009

Dolly Dimples! Gluten-free pizza of the Future!

If I could open up a franchise in North America of this pizza joint, I would. I probably enjoy the hour of pizza devouring more than life itself. Why? Because they make the best gluten-free pizza on the planet!

There are so many times where I have taken a bite and said "Oh Dear! This isn't gluten-free! We HAVE to send this too-good-to-be-true pizza back!" But really, it just tastes that good! I know it is local, but if you are in the London Canada area, there is a "Pizza Pizza" at the Masonville Place north London location where they do indeed serve gluten-free good eats.

Even if you walk into a Boston Pizza, just ask for gluten-free even though we all know they don't have it. The more we ask, the closer we are to getting the greatness of pizza everywhere!

Je suis un Pizza! (Click to enjoy this lovely rendition of a classique!)



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