Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chips Ahoy! The GÖTHEBORG!

Velkommen Ombord!

Stavanger was under siege today by sexy Swedish pirates! Kidnap me, please!

My true pirate came out while I was getting dressed today. I must have felt I had to revisit one of my past lives. Well, it was true as the Swedish ship is docked in the bay in town these last few days before the weekend :)

It's actually an exact replica of the East Indiaman Götheborg, that sank back in 1745 off the coast of Sweden. It's got a crew of 80 (50 volunteers) and sail from port to port, besieging - as only the Swedes can (selling tickets and luring us onboard, that is ;)

I wish I could remember my days when I used to swing from rope to rope like a monkey and sing pirate songs while I got these two folk (right) to hammer me a few new Aztec gold teeth for my music videos. I could then pirate my music from boat to boat and dress like the infamous Esméralda and be a gypsy rockstar! Oh, to live proper back then - with what I know now ;)

I also met with my old merchant man friend from wayyyy back in one of my many past lives. Super nice! He always lets me wear the hat :) He had a lot of people to talk to and meet with, but was kind enough to squeeze me in for a couple shots. ;-)

Oh - on that note - the ship has 10 working cannons and gun ports - it actually fired 4 shots coming into the harbor in the rain on Wednesday, an old tradition.

I remember sailing like it was only yesterday! "Look! A three-headed monkey!" - Monkey Island flashbacks galore! :D

If you are in the Stavanger area, go check it out! If not , you can follow the Swedish Scandinavian Sensation here. Enjoy!



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