Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Doubt! The Best Concert of the Future!

Alright, I may be a little bit biased as they are my favorite band in the world, but their stage presence and stamina amazes the shizah out of me! Last night, No Doubt rocked their way into our souls with their more than strong setlist. If I have a six pack like Gwen after two kids, I'll be laughing!

All jokes aside, the band is extremely tight and seriously the most talented people I've witnessed live in a very long time. I was right off the stage with lights blazing into my eyes. It was a good thing because the band could actually see us.

I gave my E.T. air pointing (a how-to example to your right) and got a couple back from Tony (very powerful I might add). It seemed too fitting during their performance of "New" because it was screaming futuristic cities and extra-terrestrial spaceships!

They were on the right "Trek" with that one! (Ha!) My highlight would have to be seeing Tom on the street walking with his wife and baby, getting a wave from him pre-show. It makes me so happy to see them feel comfortable enough to walk around London Town without any security. Love London! :)

We also got our picture taken before No Doubt in the StateFarm Insurance red carpet. Oh, whatever promotes, we're all over it! (See left to witness promo-whoring) I must say it was a cool way for them to get their name out there as well as they give you a card with a bar code and a personal number so you can download the picture and upload it to your favorite page. Mine is here :)

Again, if you want to go see a wicked band live and I don't just say that 'cause I love them to the max - check out "No Doubt"! This is such an awesome tour.

Thanks, No Doubt, for stopping by London, Ontario and making dreams come true!

If you are feeling a little peckish and happen to be close to King Street London, you MUST stop by at "Chancey Smith's" They have thee best nachos I've ever tried, and I have tried a lot because of my gluten intolerance. It was a sweet mixture of green, red and original coloured corn chips. They had all different cheeses on top and some tasty peppers. You could also add meat but it was super late snacking so we opted out. We will be visiting there again, for sure!

They are also known for their extensive list of Domestic and Imported beer, and they also had a vast selection of red and white wines as well. We also had a great experience with our server as he was the perfect recipe for absolute bizarreness. We obviously ate that shit up. He even made a bird appear under our origami-like "Wizard" napkins. He said next time we dine there to ask for "Peter". Don't you worry, Peter, we'll be back!

The night was great, but ended with a long run through puddles of rain. Thrashing down, all around - still, can't complain!



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