Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alice Through The Looking Glass : 2? is reporting that Johnny Depp would love to portray Carol Channing in a Biopic. Apparently, she has given him her approval and would be very proud to see his version of her. They are both Amazing actors.

"The celebrated actor (Johnny Depp) told the UK Mirror that he would love to portray Broadway beloved icon Carol Channing in a biopic. Depp has regularly donned a series of bizarre outfits for his movie roles, he even dressed up as a woman for his starring part in the 1994 Tim Burton comedy Ed Wood. And by all accounts he wants to to go even further by playing the 88-year-old Channing." -
Harlan Boll, for BBW.

"Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday... But Never Jam Today! " - Channing's motto as the Wickedly Wonderful White Queen.

Well personally, I think Johnny wants to get in on her biopic so she doesn't get too upset that he will be totally conveying her soul in the new Tim Burton twist on "Alice in Wonderland."

I don't blame him as she probably does the best role ever in the 1985 version of Alice. I wish I existed at that time to play her too. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how I watched "Alice Through The Looking Glass" as one of my childhood daily matinees.

Channing made that movie as she creeped into my nightly dreams as the White Queen ...

Witness her in all her geniousness below.

"Agh! My Finger's Bleeding... Aggggh!" ;)



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