Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joke's on Us!

So, I just took a quick jaunt to the nearest convenience store called the "Joker". Last week in the local Norwegian paper Rogalands Avis, they reported of having 3 ghosts in the building as many strange things had been happening over the last decade.

Once the owner was fed up with his security cameras turning on for no reason and spirits lurking over his shoulder while he was finishing paperwork every evening, he felt he needed a medium to set things straight (scared on my way there - looking rather ghostly pale and Cullen-esque)

If anyone knows where the Joker is located, they would know it's right across from the Church and graveyard (there is ONE row of houses between us and the graveyard - that's how close we are).

Well, from what the medium found was that there was a German soldier that is actually buried under the Joker store. They also found an Englishman who fell in love with a local Norwegian woman, who killed him, of course. And a crazy old alcoholic knocking the goods off the shelves at night, clumsy fingers stretching out from the beyond ...

If I was the owner and had "connections" to the produce industry, I would definately take advantage of this and order hundreds of pineapples. Did you know that in the 17 -1800s, as inviting as the pineapple may appear, it was also a kind way of telling guests that they had overstayed their welcome and it was time for them to leave.

These visitors would stay for weeks and weeks at a time! Thus, they would place a pineapple in the room to give them a message - and they also had some fruit for their voyage back home :)

Oh, to live in a plantation home; rock victorian dresses and have proper tea time with ghostly ancestors! How deeply romantic life would be!

If you are in the Louisiana area, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Oak Alley plantation. It's a little drive out from "N'awlins." This is where "Interview with the Vampire" was filmed as they painted the walls to fit Vampire Lestat's decor. It is such a beautiful home and the oak trees are to die for. If you are needing a proper haunt or or maybe getting a group of friends together to host a Murder Mystery Night, a plantation could be of fancy! ;)



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