Sunday, July 19, 2009

Figgjo! What's Up?

So, this is probably the only store (but coolest) open on Sundays around here. I have grown to love this local factory as they make all this fine china, just down the street (and to the left, then just ahead a bit - and to the right ;)

The weird thing is that my mother works in a small local boutique of second hand goods, back in Canada, and she came across these two cups - as she picks up anything made in Norway for me.

It's crazy - because she found the two cups from the "Lotte" collection (see right). The funny thing is, this collection has never been reproduced after their "failed attempt" of Bone China, which is how this design was produced, and made Figgjo famous back in 1963.

It is actually featured in their museum behind plexiglas (see left). I can't get over how my mom would come across such a thing over there and for the factory to be 15 minutes away from where I live here :) It was destiny!

Figgjo has pretty distinct pieces now. They are quite popular locally in Hotels and Restaurant dining as they also specialize in customization; putting logos and prints on their products for companies. Every year, they make a design for the "Gladmat" festival, which means "Happy Food" here :) This is 2009 preview below ;)

This year's festival is starting Wednesday! Mmm! It is a huge festival with all sorts of food from all around the area (and Norway really, but they have Belgian Waffles and Brazilian bbqs and Ethiopian coffee and ... well - I guess it's rather international really :)

Last year, I remember eating an actual honeycomb! Their houses are the bee's knees! Waxy and sweet, it melts right in your mouth! You can check out fantastic Figgjo fine China here.

As you can see by my bag we got a couple things from the "Poesi" collection, which means "Poetry" in Norwegian! It has a very romantic inspired design with vine-kissed cups and plates :)

If you are looking for something original and very Norwegian-inspired. I suggest checking out Figgjo to add to your collection. With such quality and craftmanship, you won't be disappointed!



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