Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gluten-Free Dining: Alletiders!

Dining out doesn't come so easy with the gluten intolerant folk, so I am going to try my best to review dishes for us to eat :)

Yesterday was a late lunch at "Alletiders", located in the heart of Sandnes, Norway. I always love eating there because they not only have a gluten substitute for bread, but for pasta as well! I ate the famous club chicken sandwich with this tasty garlic mayo dressing throughout. It's quite the treat (good and gorgeous - upper right).

I also enjoy drinking from their over-sized "Alice" tea cups. Alletiders is probably my favorite restaurant in Norway by far. Good vibes, great food - Eat it!

On our way back from lunch we found our favorite rock star sparkle spot (witness my Michael Jackson-esque "This is it" pose - below). No matter how you pose the lights follow you. It's the best at night for sure :)

It's a close second to the ever entertaining "Glowing Silhouette Wall" first experienced as an infant child at the London Children's Museum.
I suggest a day of fun there as well!



bellarella said...

Just moved here in Jul 2010 to Stavanger. Read your article on expat site...recently gluten free, and now my husband will be gluten reduced because he wants to support me. This is a great blog to help me navigate this new diagnosis for me... It is also our 10th wedding anniv in Sept and I wanted a wonderful night out with him...and now we can do it gluten free. Thank you so much for putting this "out there" for me and others in the area. You are a godsend. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Tusen takk...I mean.

Unknown said...


I am so happy you found me on here! You and your husband are going to love Alletiders! They make such amazing food and are very attentive to our gluten-free diets.

I would love to know what you thought about it when you try it out!

They make the BEST club sandwiches!



P.S If you want to know more about gluten-free in Norway, just type "gluten-free" in the very top search box. Hopefully it all comes up for you! :)

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