Monday, July 27, 2009

Ilse Jacobsen • Hornbæk

When it rains, it pours - here in Stavanger Town. Fortunately there are enough cool things around, to suffer the downside of such weather. A lot of people have been on the Ilse Jacobsen "Viking Boat" for a while, but I just want to commend some of her work on such a perfectly dreary day. Nothing makes a rainy day feel cozy like my snazzy Ilse raincoat! I put on that slick and comfortable piece and feel like I can face a hurricane - fashion forward. These raincoats come complete with a rain hat and extra buttons - just in case.

I originally bought this in a cream colour (check the lonely lady enjoying the beach - right) but there were black marks that kept appearing within the wrinkles on the material. They were so good with taking my coat back and exchanging it for a completely new and different one after I had wore it out of the shop - no questions asked! Great customer service!

Everyone seems to love her famous classic tie-up wellie style (shown left in my favourite colour) But I already own my Hunter Boots. If I could own a pair of Ilse's right now - I would pick up this pair of futuristic black patent leather lovelies featured below.


If you want a little something different to run in the rain in, consider checking out this Danish designer with a keen Scandinavian eye ;)

If you would rather stay high and dry - be sure to look at her handbags and other beautiful pieces in her collection. You'll be sure to adore them :)


On my way into town to buy some loose tea, last year when Beatrix was still a kitten


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