Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moods of Norway!

If you are looking to pimp out your clothing collection you must check out "Moods of Norway". They have the sickest local pieces I've seen in a while. Check out their site here to see wicked gimmickry, or just to listen to all the awesome songs on the record player at the top left. Moods' most used logo is that of the tractor.

What other kind of glasses could you EVER rock with a tractor on the side like these (check out the bad ass glasses above)? They also make sunglasses along the same lines.

I have this knit tunic at the top of my wish list (feel the love on your left). This Norwegian sweater with the subliminal champagne glasses sits nicely within this very traditional Norsk pattern. I also enjoy the play on this "Ragtime" inspired t-shirt below. They are classy and fun!

They also have shoes and purses, and quality-wise, they seem to be among the frontrunners.

As if clothing accessories weren't enough - you can now purchase Moods of Norway USB modems in these three lovely patterns!



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