Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alessi! You impress me!

Last Christmas was a year for Alessi EVERYTHING! We bought my brother's wife the "Tigrito" Cat dish in grey (the exact one - right). She was in love with it as much as her cats enjoyed eating from it. She is also does wonderful pet photography which I will paw on another day
= ^..^= !

As you can see to the left, that I am in Love with Mr. Chin in many forms. He spices up my life a bit with the S&P shakers and holds my hard boiled eggs in his head as if I'm Hannibal Lecter eating a delish brain for breakfast! Mmmm! Of course Mrs. Chin uses her timer powers to jot my time with him :)

Tomorrow I am pretty excited to finally purchase the famous Alessi 9093 Kettle that Michael Graves designed. Very sexy! I thought it was nice after the wedding to get the Ivory version with the bird/dove as that was a pretty big theme that day :) I am also the biggest tea lover/connoisseur in the world.
Seriously. Check it out to the right!

This next Christmas, I would love this play on the nativity scene (see below). I know it would make my mom happy to have something like this up. If Mr. Bean (click for pure video gold!) was over, he would have a run for his money with this set!



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