Friday, July 24, 2009

Twilight : New Moon - Watch out Rob Pattinson! Graham Greene is La Push-ing on through!

Everyone, including me, was pretty pumped about the launch of the official "New Moon" movie site.

I was pretty curious to check out the new cast members. I had to make sure Heidi was hot enough to fool me as good "bait" like she perceives to in the book. Canadian Supermodel Noot Seear sure meets my expectations (also love the name)!

She is Canadian and of Dutch decent? Why didn't they cast me again? I could also cut Vampire faces with my cheekbones... that would be my Vampire talent. If I could turn back time and pull out my old fuzzy leopard Spice Girl boots (I'm 5'4.5"), I am sure I could do somewhat of a good job ;)

Although I am pretty excited about her coming onboard, nothing gets me more excited than the casting of Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater! When I read that on IMDb my heart beat harder than a Native Drum! Charlie Swan knows how to pick good friends!

This actor has entertained my childhood years with his appearances on Canadian TV and specials, since we only had 5 cable stations in the country growing up (we also had the big flying saucer-looking satillite). I recall seeing him maybe once on the show "North of 60" (click to listen to the awesome theme song). This performance made such an impression on me, as young as I was. It must have had a similar impact on a lot of other people, as he was nominated for a Gemini Award (a Canadian Emmy) for that show.

This man has wise, wise eyes. In fact, he lives only an hour away from where I am from, back in Canada. I hope to one day run into him so he can tell me stories and tales around a good ol' campfire with s'mores (gluten-free "Graham" crackers - HA!) and hotdog spiders! Mmmm... :)

I also loved him in "Dances with Wolves" alongside Kevin Costner. His talent does not go unnoticed as he has been nominated and won awards. I think Mr. Greene as Harry Clearwater should be nominated for best supporting role! It would be wicked sweet to meet him one day :)

Make sure you check out his performance in New Moon in theaters November 20, 2009!

Mr. Graham Greene - future Harry Clearwater - you make me so proud to be Canadian! :)



Anonymous said...

I love Graham Greene too! He is a great actor,funny too!

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