Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scary Surprise!

Next weekend we are traveling to Berlin, Germany! I am über excited to check out all those scary German old folk trinkets, nutcrackers and toys. BUT, I am most excited to see "Kinder Surprise" everything! I hope to find this chocolate in every form.

If I find something cool, I want to bring it home for my brothers and their gals because it means so much to us! My parents have been giving us Kinder Surprises since the beginning of time, for Christmas and Easter. If we didn't get them each and every year, it would indeed be the end of the world.

While looking for kinder merch online, I came across this insane commercial! It was so crazy that it was BANNED! Thank goodness because this Humpty Dumpty would have ruled my nightmares ... I'll let you know tomorrow ...

Watch this scary tale below!



SockBoy said...

That's one creepy Humpty Dumpty. :) Good luck finding some awesome Kinder stuff!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I will try my best! :D


Anonymous said...

I heart the Humpty Dumpty hahaha

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