Sunday, August 2, 2009

Voss Vs. Voga Italia

Italians are number one when it comes to very sexy, sleek designs. But I am going to deduct a couple points in my fashion books when it comes to this painstakingly obvious rip off of a Norwegian brand "Voss" water bottle. It looks like "Voga Italia" gained inspiration but unfortunately lost imagination when it came to the creation of this latest wine collection. I was given a bottle of Voga saying all too loudly "Holy Voss rip off!". Hope not too many were offended, but it's Scandinavian design, one - my lovely Italia, zero.

Can you spot the difference?



Anonymous said...

Basta assaggiare il Vino Nelle VOGA bottiglie e capirete il Che e Molto Meglio L'acqua VOSS .............

Unknown said...

My dumb ass just bought it.thinking it was made by BETTER b good

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