Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Mr. Dell, Don't Die.

Right now I am writing on an external keyboard, as my laptop computer lays on life support after drinking a whole glass of red wine yesterday evening.

I was listening to my Baroque, classical fall music and enjoying a glass of Merlot when I turned around to tend to my Mr. McNeedy; Tobias the Cat - and within that split second of turning around - BAM!

Mr. Dell takes one for the home team!

Immediately I undocked him from his power supply and flipped him over to dry, giving him the old Heimlich maneuver so he wouldn't get anything more into his system, quickly before his motherboard found out. Naughty, naughty!

Lucky enough she didn't find out and all is safe, except for a couple of keys which are infected. Hopefully though, they will dry up and be in working order at some point. I'll keep you updated AND hopefully he has a speedy recovery.


dthuss said...

Useless anecdote of the day: during product presentation last week, Lenovo gents revealed red wine is the #1 liquid spilled on laptops. good times

Unknown said...

Very Interesting! I hope the is stupid trend slows down and ends up becoming extinct and unheard of. The damages are just to hard to handle. I really hope he gets better, but who knows...


Erin said...

I gave my old mac a big cup of morning coffee. Needless to say he was caffeine intolerant :)

Unknown said...

Aw, noooo! I hope he started to feel better?


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