Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ellemusic: New Version of My Song "Let You In!"

So I've been taking the ferry to Tau (across the fjord here) and back working with a good friend of mine, Einar Moen, who also works with the band Tristania. He does such an amazing job, and pushes me to do my best :)

I was lucky enough to work with him on this track and even though it's not final, but because I thought Einar did such a wicked job re-vamping it, I wanted to share it with you! The vocals are still rough, and my electric guitar playing skills aren't up to snuff near the end of the track, but it's a great working foundation ;)

I wrote this track a few years back, and I keep going back to it as if I need to get it out there... Hopefully something will come of it one day :)


Unknown said...
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Katie Pickett said...

Sooo good! Powerful song! Get that ish on itunes!

Anonymous said...

Hey u r friend w/ Einar Moen!?!?!?!? That's awesome I love him sooooo much!!!!;) How is he?

I know it's almost 2 years since u post this, but I discovered ur blog now!!!LOL

And very nice song!!!;D

Unknown said...


A warm welcome to my blog then!

Einar is a great guy! He is easy to love, for sure! :)

We just worked on a track this past week, so I will post it when it is finished! It's a cover song - but it will be cool!

Thanks for liking this song!


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for answering! I liked your blog very much!there are a lot fascinating topics!!!;) And I can't wait for your new song!!xx
I'm so jealous, haha! you know I'm from Greece and one of my dreams is to visit Norway some day and especially Stavanger! I love this place!!:D
So you are friends for long time, you are lusky! I admire him a lot!!
I followed you on twitter too! Love Alice :-*

Unknown said...

Hey Alice!

I am so glad you are loving my blog! It is quite random, for sure!

Stavanger is beautiful! I would love to see Greece one day!

Yes, Einar is a very good friend of mine. :)

Thanks for the Twitter follow!
I'll follow you as well :)


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